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Era Polymers is the master distributor for Dow Corning RTV Moldmaking Rubbers in Australia and New Zealand. We are currently stocking most grades in the range at our Sydney warehousing facilities, making Dow Corning moldmaking rubbers easily accessible to the local Australian/New Zealand market.

Using silicone rubber products from Dow Corning you can easily and quickly make a mould of nearly any object, anywhere. Silicone rubber captures very fine detail for accurate reproduction. In its uncured liquid state, the silicone rubber material can be brushed and/or poured into a mould to replicates the original part with great detail.

After curing, the rubber mould is used to cast various materials into to make replications of the original part. Replications are often cast in many materials such as polyurethanes, other plastics, wax, concrete, plaster and low-melt point metals.

The self-releasing properties of the silicone mould's surface allows for easy de-moulding and long mould life.

Dow Corning silicone mouldmaking rubbers are available in two types:

•    Condensation curing – Most popular, generally lower cost with shrinkage rate (~1%)

•    Addition curing – Premium materials with very low shrinkage rate (~0.1%)

Within each type there are various hardnesses available, and different quality levels.

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