Cytec’s (formerly Conap) Tooling Urethanes (TU’s) are a series of elastomers ranging in hardness from 10 Shore A to 75 Shore D offering relatively low mixed viscosities and shrinkage. The TU series have been formulated to resist environmental degradation and the entire series has passed 8,000 hrs exposure in a Q.U.V. weatherometer.

The Cytec UC series are two component liquid modified urethane resin systems that produce tough high impact resistant elastoplastics. These materials have relatively low viscosities that will cure at ambient or elevated temperatures.

Typical applications include prototype dimensionally stable components, models and precision cast parts with excellent detail.

Cytec also manufacture a range of primers for polyurethane elastomers. The two most common are AD1147 and PR1167. Please click here to be directed to the relevant page.

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