Fomo Products, Inc., USA manufactures one and two-component polyurethane (PU) foam systems in pressurized and disposable packaging. Their product range includes spray foam insulation in disposable packs, as well as foam sealants, adhesives, pour-in-place insulation foam systems and packaging foam.

HANDI-FOAM One Component Foam

One component Handi-Foam products come in various sizes and packaging. These products are easily dispensed and have various applications. Click here for Technical Datasheet.

HANDI-FOAM Two Component Foam

Two component foams come in a dispensable system as pictured. These products are applied with a dispensing gun. Click here for Technical Datasheet.


Handi-Stick adhesive is available as a multi-purpose construction adhesive and a subfloor adhesive. Pictured is the subfloor adhesive being applied. Click here for Technical Datasheet.

HANDI-SEAL Window and Door Sealants

Handi-Seal window and door sealant is available in a one-component can as pictured. Handi-Seal can be applied in the following way. Click here for Technical Datasheet.