Grinding Wheels

FRICTION COATING has manufactured grinding wheels since 1989 for many industries.  They manufacture a wide variety of standard and custom grinding wheels up to 30” inches in diameter for rough grinding, finish grinding, texturing, profiling and grooving rubber rollers, polyurethane rollers, lathe-cut seals, belts and not-metal grinding applications.

FRICTION COATING consists of “razor sharp” tungsten carbide cutting structures that are placed into a unique cutting pattern that is bonded to a steel wheel body. The traits of this unique pattern design allows the wheel to grind effortlessly through material cooler, deeper and faster while providing a smoother surface finish over similar carbide or diamond coated wheels.

Selecting the correct FRICTION COATING wheel will help you reduce excessive heat, smoke and fire problems while increasing your over-all grinding productivity.  All wheels are dynamically balanced, pre-dressed and bores are precision ground for 100% wheel accuracy

Faster Cutting! Better Finishes! Less Heat! Longer Life!

Single Grit Grinding & Finishing in both directions
Dual Grit Hogging & Finish Grinding in one direction
Split Grit Hogging & Finish Grinding in both directions
Recommended surface feet per minute 7,000 to 22,000. Average: SFM 14,000 to 22,000

Profiling and Grooving Wheels

FRICTION COATING’S Grooving Wheels can be designed for a variety of applications. If you plan on putting a groove in a rubber roll or are manufacturing a special seal, Friction Coating’s technical support team can design a corresponding Grooving Wheel for maximum productivity and tight tolerances.

Square corned or radiused plunge wheels are available for plunge forming grooves from .040″ wide to your dimension or shape, ideal for feeder rolls or manufacturing seals.

Square cut, Male radius, Female Radius, Wedge groove and Custom profiles: Some wheels are available from .040′ to 2′ wide and from 5′ to 12′ diameter. When ordering please provide a print of your wheel and profile dimensions and fax or mail it to us for an accurate quote.

Abrasive Table

40 EXTRA FINE Light cutting & fine finish grinding. 15 – 40 durometers
50 MEDIUM FINE Medium cutting & finish grinding. 30 – 70 durometers (General all-purpose)
60 MEDIUM Medium/heavy cutting & finish grinding. 50 – 70 durometers (Belts/Lathe-cut seals)
70 MEDIUM COARSE Moderate hogging & finish grinding. 70 – 90 durometers (Use with dual & split grit wheels)
80 COARSE Hogging & finish grinding 70 + durometers. (Use with dual & split grit wheels)
90 EXTRA COARSE Heavy hogging deep passes all materials. (Use with dual & split grit wheels)
*Typical dual and split grit combinations: 70/40, 80/40, 90/50, 90/60, 90/70, 90/80.
**One would typically select a grit combination to grind a wide variety of materials.