Era Polymers has distributed this range throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia for over fifteen years, and even manufactures many of the key grades under license at our Sydney based manufacturing plant. The product range includes polyureas, polyurethanes, primers, structural resins, epoxies, epoxy novalacs and vinyl esters.

Irathane Futura is recognized as a leader and innovator in specialized REACTION SPRAY ELASTOMERS (RSE). These systems are based on the latest technology in fast cure, solventless, polyurethane, polyurea and hybrid blends that produce a variety of elastomeric coatings and structural plastics.

Some advantages include:

  • Fast Cure times (speed up production, reduce labor) (5 – 60 sec)
  • Solvent free (100% solids) to meet environmental regulations
  • Systems are compatible with most 1:1 mix ratio application equipment (Also supplied by Era Polymers)
  • Outstanding toughness, impact and abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding corrosion and thermal shock resistance
  • Can rapidly build thickness from 0.25-6mm (5-250mils)
  • Moisture Insensitive

Some of the products in the Irathane Futura range that Era Polymers offer are:

  • Futurathane 5321
    Hardcoat for spraying over expanded polystyrene. Click here to download datasheet
  • Aqualine 300 and 300 Trowel Grade (TG)
    Aqualine 300 is a 100% solids polyurethane/urea system for lining concrete structures requiring a variety of approvals. Suitable for lining waste, sea-water and other non-potable water containing structures. Click here to download datasheet.
    PROTEC II is a direct to metal 2 component 100% solids hot spray applied coating system designed to produce a tough, impact resistant surface specifically onto steel or ductile iron substrates. This coating is suitable for both internal and external protection of steel or ductile iron, tanks and pipelines. Click here to download datasheet.

For further information please contact us, or visit the Irathane Futura Website at